Three things are necessary to become a good Director of Photography: training, experience, and a good eye. Many people interested in careers in cinematography go to film school, where they learn about the mechanics of the work and have an opportunity to participate in internships on set to get a feel for the work. Then, they work their way up through the ronk on set, often working in a variety of positions to learn more about the business, before finally becoming Directors of Photography, in which case a good artistic eye becomes crucial.
On set, the Director of Photography or DP supervises the camera and lighting crews, and he or she will work closely with the set designers, costumers, and makeup artists. Often, the Director of Photography and the Director both have final say over which cuts will be included in the finished piece, and the two work closely together to achieve the desired look. The Director of Photography will use lighting, filters, and a variety of camera techniques to shoot a scene in accordance with the wishes of the director
After 4 years Acadamy of Fine Arts Belgium I graduated as master degree of directing. From start the lighting and camera became my preferred working tool. I mostly work on fiction, commercial and video music projects. Take a look at my C.V. for my resume.